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Location scouting – Lycée Carnot 17e Paris


Lycée Carnot is where Deleuze went for the French equivalent of high-school, though he would later do his khâgne, a special 2-year college prep program, at the prestigious Lycée Henri IV. Carnot was also the school Gilles’ older brother Georges attended, before he was taken prisoner by the Nazis for resistance efforts and died en route to a concentration camp. Every November, to this day, Georges’ death (and those of Roger Bouvet and Guy Môquet) is commemorated in a ceremony honoring the Carnot alumni who perished fighting for the French Resistance.

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Location scouting – 84 Avenue Niel 17e Paris


This was Deleuze’s last house, just one street over from where he was born on Avenue de Wagram. It was his home during the final days of his illness and the site of his tragic suicide, in a sense closing the circle of life.

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Location scouting – 1bis Rue de Bizerte 17e Paris

1bis_bizerteThis is the house where Deleuze lived most of his life. It is on a small street, where like Henry Miller, he spent his quiet days in Clichy. Situated between Rue Truffaut and Rue Nollet (where Henry Miller had in fact lived, as well as symbolist poet Paul Verlaine before him), this address is almost symbolic of Deleuze’s ambiguous position between film and science, novel and poetry. We hope, if we raise enough funds, to donate and install a plaque commemorating Deleuze at this address as part of the documentary project. None of the streets where he lived, and he had 4 different addresses in Paris’ 17e, bear any mention of him, which seems quite the tragedy, or perhaps just a large bureaucratic oversight, considering he spent most of his 70 years in the one neighborhood.

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